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Clever Storage Ideas For Children’s Bedrooms

Clever Storage Ideas For Children’s Bedrooms

If there’s one problem that every parent knows all too well, it’s the challenge of finding sufficient storage in their little one’s bedroom for all their toys, games and odds and ends. Children are famous for never putting anything away, so finding simple storage ideas is key to making sure that their space stays uncluttered and tidy. Even the smallest bedroom can stay neat with these clever storage ideas.

Wicker Boxes

Simple, affordable and yet effortlessly stylish, wicker boxes are a brilliant storage solution for children’s rooms of all sizes. Children can simply gather up toys and throw them into these baskets without any need to sort items. They can even be stored on the floor, under the bed or on a shelf without looking like an eyesore.

Underbed Storage

Keeping toys, books and games out of sight and off the floor couldn’t be more important when it comes to tidying a child’s bedroom, and underbed storage could be the ultimate solution. Whether the bed that you choose has integrated drawers or whether you invest in a separate drawer or box to slide under the bed frame, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to maximise your storage space in even a small bedroom. Quick and easy to use, it won’t even take up any floor space!

Toy Boxes

If you’re looking for a multifunctional storage solution that can serve dual purpose as a toy box and as a seating area, an ottoman-style toy box is the perfect answer. Offering plenty of interior space for storing a wealth of items from toys to bedding and from clothing to board games, these innovative storage solutions can then be covered in cushions and used as an additional bedroom seating area.

Cube Storage

You can fit a lot more items into a cube storage unit than into traditional drawers, and it looks stylish too. Whether you opt for an open-front storage cabinet with some baskets inside, or whether you go for a closed-front design where everything is hidden away from view, this type of storage unit can be an accent piece in any room while also keeping toys and games off the floor.

A Cuddly Toy Bin

If your child has countless stuffed animals and toys lying around their room and overtaking their entire bed, it’s time to invest in a special cuddly toy bin. A large laundry basket is the ideal solution. Spacious, portable and easy to empty and refill, it’s the perfect place to throw all those teddy bears, dolls and soft playthings at the end of the day.

Finding The Right Solutions For You

As you can see, there are lots of great storage solutions for any child’s bedroom. Whatever the age of your little ones, one or more of these options is sure to address all your storage needs without adding even more clutter or taking up too much floor space. From the largest to the smallest rooms, with the right storage, any child’s room can stay neat and tidy!