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Benefits Of Reading Your Young Child A Story In Bed

Benefits Of Reading Your Young Child A Story In Bed

All parents know that they should be reading their children bedtime stories every night. However, what are the benefits that come with it? Is it really worth your while? If you’ve been at work all day, possibly the last thing you want to do is to sit down and read a story to your kids.

However, there are numerous reasons why you should. Here, we learn more about the advantages that story time before bed can bring not only your little ones, but you too.

Promotes Imagination

Children have visual stimulation served up to them on a daily basis through their TVs, games consoles and smartphones. That means they rarely use their own imaginations. Reading helps them to develop this skill. They need to imagine the characters and the settings, and this helps them to become more creative.

Developing A Strong Family Bond

There’s nothing cosier than listening to your parent reading you a story, and as a parent, that feeling is just as wonderful. Although reading a story can be a time-consuming addition to your evening after a long, hard day, it creates precious memories that will last a lifetime for both of you, and will help to foster a stronger and more positive family bond.

Fostering A Love Of Books

The more you read to your children, the more they’ll learn to love stories and books. Children who are read to from being babies are especially keen to pick up a book and learn to read for themselves. They learn the basics about how to hold a book the right way up, how to turn the pages and how to follow along the words as a toddler. They soon begin to associate certain words with their written counterparts on the page, and this helps them to develop their early reading skills.

Opportunities For Learning And Discussion

Reading stories can raise all kinds of opportunities to discuss important issues in a child-friendly way. Fairytales are full of moral arguments that can be used as a learning tool without children realising it, and children’s stories are full of discussion points to raise about behaviour.

Promoting Writing Skills

Every teacher will tell you that good readers become good writers. Those who are exposed to literature from an early age are keen to write themselves and are more creative in their ideas when putting pen to paper. When you have bedtime stories with your children, you’re helping to foster essential educational skills that could also help them to express themselves more effectively in future.

Promoting Reading In The Home

Now that we’re aware of the importance of reading with your little ones at bedtime, you need to think of ways to promote reading in the home. Having books as a regular feature in different rooms of your house is a simple yet effective way to make reading a feature of everyday life. Put a bookcase in your child’s room and fill it with colourful, appealing, child-friendly titles to encourage your son or daughter to select their favourites for you to read. Soon, they’ll be choosing them to read themselves!