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3 Cool Design Themes For A Boy’s Bedroom

3 Cool Design Themes For A Boy’s Bedroom

Decorating boys’ bedrooms isn’t always as easy as it sounds. While there seem to be countless great decorative options for girls, when it comes to finding a design scheme that is boy-friendly, the choices can be thin on the ground. The good news is that if you think creatively, you can find lots of exciting ideas that the young man in your life is sure to love. Here are three of the best.

The Nautical Room

If there’s a boy in your life who loves boats and everything about the sea, a nautical-themed room is the ideal choice. Even better, it’s a theme you can create on a shoestring if necessary, since this is quite a minimalist look.

The basis of this design focuses on just two colours – blue and white. Choose either a royal or navy blue or something a little brighter depending on your tastes and the amount of natural light in your space.

Next, choose some simple, plain white, sturdily made furniture. A high gloss, simple-framed white bed is the perfect choice. Add a blue and white rug, perhaps in a striped or chevron pattern to add more visual appeal, and matching blue curtains or blinds. Add some plain blue bedding and then it’s time to add some nautical touches. Include some model boats, prints of the sea, a telescope and you’ve got a simple, affordable yet stylish boy’s bedroom that he’s sure to love.

The Campground Theme

Which boy doesn’t love camping? Now he can feel as if he’s sleeping under the stars every night with a campground themed bedroom. The key to success with this room design is to add a canvas canopy over the bed. This will give the feeling of sleeping inside a tent.

Add some glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling, paint the walls forest green to give the impression of camping in the wood, and choose a brown carpet as your forest floor. Choose simple wooden furniture to complement the outdoors theming and you’ve got a room that the young outdoor enthusiast in your life is going to love.

A Superhero Space

The Superhero theme is a popular choice for boys of all ages, and it’s surprisingly easy to turn even the smallest bedroom into a superhero themed space. Whether the young man in your life loves Spiderman, Batman or Iron Man, you can help him to live out his fantasies by adding a few special touches to his space.

Choose a cityscape themed wallpaper paired with black furniture for a slick feel, then add all of his favourite superhero memorabilia and merchandise. Themed bedding and curtains, a few strategically placed toys and a matching rug will take even the most ordinary room to a new level of super!

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you with these three fantastic boys’ bedroom designs. With one of these options, bedtime is sure to be an easier experience. Who knows, they might even keep their room tidy from now on!